Free water testing for our customers

A-Z Pools offer free computerised water testing for our customers. We use the WaterLink Spin water analysis system which takes only 60 seconds for a test result. We provide each customer with a written computer report that clearly shows the type and amount of chemicals your swimming pool or spa needs.

For free water testing and expert advice, simply take in a sample of your pool or spa water to our store. Complimentary water sample bottles available in store.

Swimming pool servicing

A-Z Pools offer servicing for your swimming pool on a regular or casual basis. We can also recommend local pool servicing technicians for urgent services.

Swimming pool equipment installations

A-Z Pools can provide local installation of swimming pool equipment purchased from our store. Please note, we will not install equipment purchased from elsewhere.

Expert advice

With a combined experience of over 30 years in the swimming pool industry, A-Z Pools can provide expert advice to our customers. And if we don’t know the answer we can utilise our extensive customer and supplier base to point you in the right direction.